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Personal Chef

Antony Blincoe

Those that say never trust a skinny chef have never met Antony. From steaks to seafood to breakfasts, Antony has done it all in his 14 years of chefing. He knows firsthand how important it is to keep his cooking healthy at home in order to counteract his job. Since diet and food is such a big part of any weight loss journey, Antony has learned to substitute ingredients but still keep the delicious flavours. Healthy choices can start in anyone's kitchen at home.
Antony enjoys combining his love of cooking with regular gym workouts, MMA and Scuba Diving. Work Hard, Play Harder is his favourite motto.

Born: 16th November 1979

Favorite Exercise: Front Squats

Favorite Milkshake Flavor: Choclate

Favorite Sports to Watch: MMA, Diving, Anything Water Sports, Rugby League