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PT FIT - Jason Houghton

At my age I don’t want to walk away from a session with unanswered questions. I need to be sure I got the most out of it and made progress.

That’s why I would recommend Matt Thompson as a personal trainer.

I’ve been training with Matt for nearly two years and to be honest I’m stoked with the progress I’ve made.

From understanding my goals through to planning each session, Matt nails it and instinctively knows me and where my body is at. Some trainers push too hard at the beginning of the session so you ‘blow-out’ toward the end. This is counter-productive and Matt understands to keep pushing, but just enough to ensure a quality session.

Matt uses video in the sessions. This tool is awesome to retrospectively check and adjust technique and a significant part of ensuring my progress.

Also, what is pretty remarkable in this day and age is how Matt goes above and beyond the paid sessions, always offering advice and encouragement. This shows he’s truly passionate about the industry and genuine in his desire to see people get results.

All round Matt is a top bloke. Thanks Matt and I wish you all the best with your personal training career.


Jason Houghton