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ProSki Simulator and Sweet Spot Training

Want real life dry land ski training?

The Pro Ski Simulator

Exercising with PRO ski simulator will not only teach you the basics of skiing if you are a beginner, but will master your skiing performance if you are an advanced skier. Once you’ve trained on the simulator you will find the different skiing techniques easier to apply on the snow.

What makes the Pro Ski Simulator so Effective?

- You can practice your technique for as long as you want (not just until the end of the run).
- It helps prevent injury by increasing your fitness while strengthening the muscles, ligaments and joints.
- It has 6 difficulty settings.
- You can use the machine all year round so you get more enjoyment our of your overseas trip or your winter escape.

Checkout the Pro Ski Simulator on YouTube

Sweet Spot Ski Trainer

The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer is a dry-land ski training device that can dramatically improve your ski performance and enjoyment. Use it as an essential part of your preparation and ski fitness program.

Train your balance skills to radically improve your control in all conditions. Build your core strength and stability for both speed and safety. Practice accurate, sophisticated movement patterns, and give your skiing a winning edge.

Develop your skills and ski fitness on dry land, and get the very best value from precious time on skis. Maximise the benefits of your investment in ski lessons, instruction and coaching; and get the most out of your skiing – forever.

Checkout the Sweet Spot Ski Trainer on YouTube



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